1. Choices

an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.
“the choice between good and evil”

When I began thinking about this blog, I pondered what the first topic for my unorganized brain to puke on for an overly long amount of time could possibly be. Being me, the stress from this first obstacle caused me to put this project off for a while until I could clear my head. I didn’t continue for five months. After the aforementioned break from writing, I began to seek advice from various websites. The advice found tended to be along the lines of “something that grips the reader” or “a hook that sets the tone for the rest of the novel”. However, this isn’t really a “novel” nor will it probably have any “readers”, so I decided that I could do whatever the hell I wanted. This revelation, though very uplifting, did not lead me any closer to finding a first topic.

So, I was left with hundreds upon hundreds of choices of which to choose from. Words, ideas, events all filling my head. All day and night I stressed about how to start this project of which I was beginning to lose motivation over. I then decided to do what seemed to be the best thing possible, relax.
When faced with a decision I find it is most important to remember this: No matter what decision you make final, you will have a positive outcome. I am not advising you commit mass genocide because it will end positively, thats illegal. Its meaning is more along the lines of, taking a risk or deciding to choose one thing over another and it not working out, will still result in your growth as a person and allow you to gain experience for future occasions. Human improvement and small-scale mental evolution of one’s self can usually be traced back to that person making a bad decision (again I am not condoning mass murder.).

Stress is always a huge factor when making large-scale choices. I have often wandered my brain searching for a way to take a “mental ibuprofen” and find the most beneficial choice right then and there. However, this is impossible and stress is imminent when making decisions of high caliber. So, I have taken the liberty to make a list of my steps at destressing when making life choices that could change the whole course of my upcoming future.

  1. Take a step back, distract yourself from the constantly moving stressful world around you. View, the choice you are making as a whole rather than what you are feeling right now. How will your choice affect the “big picture” that is your life? However, if this overwhelms you stop immediately and let the choice reach you when you’re ready.
  2. Just breathe, research shows that the simple systematic intake of oxygen is necessary for literally being alive. So, remember this mandatory process in times of stress. Breathe, and remember life goes on, this choice will be made and no matter what, your life (with the help of breathing, of course) will go on.
  3. Relax, many methods of relaxation can be found all around you. Everyone relaxes differently, and it would be ineffective nor beneficial for me to tell you exactly how. Speaking from experience, I understand the difficulty of “clearing your head” (which is often found being yelled at us to do when asking how to destress). I find that clearing your head is an incorrect statement for what is truly meant. From my personal view, what the accursed and misleading phrase truly means is in fact, think instead of what stresses you but look around and experience the things that do the opposite.

Choices as a whole, always have the ability to lead to stress. However, it’s always good to remember the positive that could come despite the occurrence of a bad decision. Facing a decision is imminent, so don’t spend time trying to avoid them to have a better life, or you will end up not living a life at all.