the action of introducing something
“issues arising from the introduction of new technology”

The following blog comes from a teenager suffering from “Attention Deficit Disorder”. For any uneducated readers at home who might not know what that means (or are unaware of the internet’s very prominent existence), a teenager is defined as a person aged between 13 and 19 years. These teenagers (or young adult) are typically found enjoying the stress of their impending future, or playing “Don’t Get Pregnant” in their free time. This teenager however generally only partakes in the former, and can more often be found struggling to listen to anything you’re saying.

In the following sequence of posts (I have decided the best way to help you understand what you are about to read is in instruction format) you will find topics that I have thought of, are relevant, suggested, or were stuck in my head late at night. Following these topics, you will find my very distracted descriptions, if you are not interested I suggest stop reading that subject or just skipping the blog entirely, it would be in your best interest (you know, free will and all that crap.).